My Sistas

September 9, 2008
By Markita Underwood, Pelham High School, AL

My sistas raise your hands if you’re a V,
And proud to be
Innocent and pure,
Not at all unsure
About your decision to wait.
Life is nothing but give and take,
So it takes a little sacrifice
In order to suffice
The ones who brought you into this world,
Their beautiful little girl.
So hold your peace,
Be not so easy to release
What you wish to keep,
Although temptation may creep
At you like a thief in the night,
Stick to what’s right.
The letter V is next to U,
So what’s the Christian thing to do?
What you have is sacred.
Don’t let just anyone take it.
Because once it’s gone,
And you realize that what you did was wrong,
It can’t be taken back.
There’s no way to back track
What has already been done.
You’ll regret it in the long run,
When you examine the disgrace
Upon your loved ones’ face.
Their trust is broken,
And no word can be spoken
To change their mind
About the thing they find
That you have finished.
To undo time is what you wish—
To do,
So that you
Can restore your innocence.
Use your God given common sense.
Oh, beautiful little girl
Who’s trapped in this lonely world.
The results can be tragic,
And once you have it,
Your life can be taken.
So awaken,
From this fantasy
Of what your peers say you have to be.
Keep your imaginary promise ring
That symbolizes the thing
You want to hold.
The truth always unfolds,
So put ME first
To avoid the curse
Of dishonor and regret,
Because that’s what you’ll get.
You can bet,
That the friends who say they’ll be there when you call,
Won’t be there when you crash and fall,
Because as far as they can recall,
It’s not their fault.
Even though they spit words in your ear
About letting free what you hold so dear.
Though they fear
The same thing you do.
I know this sometimes confuses you,
But don’t get so caught up in the world,
You beautiful little girl.
Keep your eyes on the prize,
And don’t listen to the lies
That your peers try to hypnotize
You with.
What they say is nothing but myth,
With no truth involved.
So take a minute to recall
What’s on the other side of the wall.
Although you may stumble and fall,
Be quick to rise up,
And got give up
On the struggle
That young women face everyday—
For your path to be guided.
Life is nothing but a rollercoaster so ride it.
Hold up both fist and take the hit.
Believe me, it’s not the first one you’ll get.
Think it’s easy?
Not at all,
Because this time is ridiculous.
Lord, help us fix this,
Or teach us to hold out
And leave doubt
So we can find
What we’re looking for
On the other side of the door.
What you have is as precious as a pearl
That’s valuable to more than the lust of the world.
You beautiful little girl.
No…young woman.
Wait for the future husband
That God will place in your way,
Because on that wonderful day,
When the “I do’s” are said,
You can call yourself pure and untouched,
And say that you had no need to rush.
My sistas raise your other hand if you’re a V,
And proud to be,
Strong in your decision to not depend on fate,
And vow on this date,
That you’re honored to wait…

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