a grade older,another heartbreak.

February 25, 2009
By Anonymous

have you ever fallen for somebody a grade older than you and they just think of you as a friend.
They say "hey" to you in the hallways.
They hang out with you.
They protect you.
They do your homework.
They do your dirty work in breaking up with a boy.
They even wipe away your tears after breaking up with that boy.
But they never know that you broke up with that boy just because
you want to be with someone new and amazing just like them.
They just think of you as a friend who needs help getting through this.
and even though they're always there to help,
they'll never think of you that way,at least you think.
&& as time goes on he evantually realizes you like him
but doesn't do anything about it.
He continues the same way as alwayss.
and you know or at least dream that evantually one day you'll burst out into tears screaming i love you.

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