A Theory of Evolution

February 24, 2009
By Nolan Palazzo BRONZE, Lompoc, California
Nolan Palazzo BRONZE, Lompoc, California
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Oh if only you could see me now!

I have broken free!
A glorious transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

And so I start to crawl out to the second first glance of sunlight.

I stare upon an infinite number of familiar faces, and yet I am greeted back upon with an infinite number of puzzled looks.

They no longer recognize me; And they will never tell me so.

My posture is the suggestion.

My speech, the hint.

My eyes, the dead giveaway.

They accept my shift in gravity but do not, and are not willing to comprehend it.

If only you could see me on the balcony.
If only you could see me the couch; In her bed; On my chair; In his car; In her arms.

But you will never see me; And I will never show you.
And as a caterpillar this would be unacceptable.

But as a butterfly...
I am at peace.

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