The Two Paths

February 18, 2009
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Standing in the middle,
Of a long old road,
Trying to choose,
The path I would go,
The fork in between,
One side filled with light,
The other dark,
Filled with curiosity and fright,
Both sides had trees,
Both sides had a path,
One looked innocent,
And The other,
You can feel deaths grasp,
One path was full of laughter and light
And was small and slim,
But there was one thing,
At the end,
the light was dark and dim,
the other path was filled,
will darkness and decay,
but at the end was a light,
the Bright path beckoned me,
to come closer,
to come near,
but the other path that sat quietly,
was the one I was supposed to fear ,
but I went against what I should do,
the bright path seemed like it was the right one,
but I looked at it closely,
That would be no fun,
So I chose the dark path,
With the light at the end,
As I got closer,
A new adventure began,
Battling through the trees,
Grabbing at my clothes,
Snatching and brawling,
Roots wrapped around my toes,
Finally the end got brighter,
As I fell to the ground,
Trying to crawl,
As the roots grabbed tighter,
I manage to get free,
And run to the light,
Then I was in the world that I knew so well,
I woke up shocked and confused,
Almost off the bed,
I almost fell,
This was really weird,
But If I had to say one thing about this dream,
Is that I'm glad I took the dark path,
Just remember,
Nothing is what it seems.

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