Lifes's Plans

January 26, 2009
By Emma Sevilla, Dexter, KY

There are many different people in our life

There is a girl like no other

Always in the spot life

Everyone thanks her life of stardom is perfect

But she see’s is differently

She isn’t perfect and she knows it

She has secrets no one knows

She didn’t want this for herself all this fame

There was the Boy who everyone envied

They all wanted his life

The All American Guy

He was the star player on every team

He has secrets no one knows

There was another girl different from the other two

Everyone knew her life

But its not like she wanted them to

She was in Pain constantly

She loved her family

Althought she missed the old

There was a little baby

He had no story yet

But a life planed out from the beginning

He was going to be like his brother the All American

The perfect collage the perfect girlfriend the perfect grades

Even thought not a hour old everyone knew he’s future

There was the sister of the celebrity

She was told not to tell

Not to tell anything

She bottoled it all up

She felt like she was going to explode

Having a celebrity sister was hard

Then there was the parents of thr girl in a foster home

They were sitting in a cold ceal

They missed there children and wondered were they were

They new thought it was there mistake

These people all have things in common

Even thought they are all very different

What they share was:

Theres lifes planned out for them

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