The Dream That Faces Reality

January 26, 2009
By Anonymous

Martin Luther King had a dream

That never died over the years

He never gave up his dream

Not even through trials and tears

He fought for what was right

With the people at his heart

Knowing that one day

America would have a new start

Although the dreamer is gone

The dream remains here

We all witnessed the history

The dream came true this year

We now have hope

We do not fear tomorrow

We look back to where we come from

And all of our past sorrow

We are living the dream today

God’s will is taking place

One day we will be looked upon beyond race

But seen for who we are

Inside and out

For people to understand

This is what the dream was about

For equal rights

And freedom for all

For everyone to stand together

And not for one to fall

To never give up hope

Always to believe

No matter how low life takes you

Your hopes and dreams you can achieve

Today, we

Choose hope over fear

A brand new out look

After all these trying years

We remain encouraged

We set our goals high

We can do anything

Our limit beyond the sky

So let’s join hands

And continue to live this dream

We are one people

A family a team

With a dream so big

A people with hope

A family with a vision

A team that knows

What’s in store

And what’s behind

And know that change

Does take time

Take a look at yourself

Find out what you can do

And always remember


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