January 14, 2009
He slouches awkwardly in the corner
Some walk without notice
While others point and laugh
Dismantling his self esteem,
Pulverizing his dreams,
Shattering his life
Into microscopic pieces.

He glimpse awkwardly
For a corner, nook, ally to hide;
A place to get away
From the laughter, humiliation, and hatred
Of those who point and laugh.

Awkwardly He slides down the wall
In his tattered jeans and putrid shirt,
Pretending that he is not there,
Hoping no one will notice
So he can continue on-

Continue on
With what he loves, cherishes and adores most,
In a world that treats him how he wants.

As he crouches in the corner
He lives in a world of his own
With a roof over his head,
Plentiful food and clean clothes
Where everything has a happy ending.

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