A Day in the Life

February 19, 2009
By McKenzie Taylor BRONZE, Columbia, South Carolina
McKenzie Taylor BRONZE, Columbia, South Carolina
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Watch her wake up in the morning
Another day in the place she hates.
Watch her say goodbye to her mom
Wanting it to be true.
Watch her in the car
Oblivious to the world surrounding her.
Watch her walk into school, wait for the bell
Sitting in silence, no one knowing what to say.
Watch her during the day
Avoiding, and being ignored,
Wanting out,
Wanting a place to go in.
Watch her after school'at home now'
Beat herself up
Watch the red tears be her only needing.
Watch her sober up real quick when they're opening the door,
Saying to her blade,
'Let's make it me and you forevermore.'
Watch her stay in her room
Away from the world, away from her impending doom.
Watch her lock herself in the bathroom'
She will not be sought after any time soon.
Watch her cry herself to sleep
Mind on replay, no, she sows what she reaps.

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