I am

February 19, 2009
By , Cave Juction, OR

I'm the one
Understands NO-the-Ing & 
The hopes I have

The dREAM

ARE 

A RR
HE I will be,


KnIgHT, Her

I laugh and say
I'm NOt a Warrior nor a GoD,
I'm ust a man with A roken heaRT.

Over and over
' , a Knight in,
Armor that shines 2 the east and the west

With the

control of

 of the air and lords of the sea.'
I guess I just have to accept my fate
She wont leave my side so,
I will her wh me

I'm the 

Under nothiNG
And everything

 the hopes

I have
The dreams

I carry
Turns out they
Never left me.

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