Destined Fate

February 19, 2009
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Just want to say goodbye
Want to stop this lie
just want to live my life till the day I die
Have to stop staring me down
Bring my soul to the ground
have to stop ruining my sound
I am tired of living all alone
I am tired of doing it on my own
This is the brand new me
This is what I want to be
This is what will set me free
That's it
No more of the old time
No more of my simple rhyme
No more of this old liiiiiiifffffffffffffeeeeeeee
So I just say
Stop remix
Ur all over
Ur just behind
u stoped me form seeing
u made me blind
u covered my eyes
and played with my mind
now I am moving forward
and there is no rewind
so I say good bye
I don't want to hear your lies
I don't want to look into ur eyes
I don't want to see ur terrible cries
I just want to live my life and rise
I will spread my wing and I will fly
And u know me and I will end up high
And I won't look back or even sigh
I am going to my future, which is right ahead
There nothing more, that can be said
And don't bother looking for it, cause it cant be read
This can only be achieved, by using ur head

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Miaoru G. said...
Mar. 21, 2009 at 11:38 pm
I love this poem because it...reminds me a little of me. You know how I feel. Awesome poem.
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