never 13

February 19, 2009
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She was wearing a night cloth Had long blue hair She blew in your ear Cold death air Like a whisper That seemed to tell "My dear friend Welcome to hell" If you got close enough You could hear deep in ur mind The beating of a heart that has always been kind until the day He betrayed her She jumped down the staircase To end her eternal torture If you still weren't scared she would hold your hand and blow in your eyes some blue sand You would fall asleep and dream of the time where her cruel husband Committed the crime
Of loving another Of betraying his lover Of killing her For ever and ever If you still thought of her She would haunt your poor soul She would burn you heart Like burnt peaces of coal And if you came back to see her You would lose your lover And if u still still didn't understand she would hold in her hand a knife full of torture That would make u "go away" for ever How can I know that you say
I'm closer to her as you may think in your foolish minds I am the ghost of the tortured soul

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