I Need a Life

February 19, 2009
By Kai Rosecrans BRONZE, Walton, Nebraska
Kai Rosecrans BRONZE, Walton, Nebraska
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I'm really nerdy'
I'm making a note here:
It's hard to overstate my discontentment.

I enjoy science'
I do what I can
'Cause I'm a nerd.
I think I'm really smart and stuff,
But there's one little thing'

A social life isn't something you can fake,
You can keep on trying, 'tis a rule you can't break.
Now I need to find a way,
To get a life on e-Bay,
Or maybe Wal-mart' 'cause I need a life.

I guess I don't need one'
Sarcasm won't get me anywhere.
Even though it'd make me
Really happy.

I'm currently worthless'
On a scale, I'm just a little past dirt.
I really need a life right now,
'Cause lonely's not good.

So I'm gonna get a life as soon as I can.
I don't know where, but I'm gonna be the man.
Where's the life store, please?
They have a life I'm gonna seize.
Now tell me where they are 'cause I need a life.

I might not even get one'
I think I prefer to stay inside'
I hate to think that I'll never
Be social.

Maybe I have one.
It's really small; I think it's there.
I have a friend or two and they're
Really loyal and nice'

So I guess it's now that I'll be ending this rhyme.
It's not that I'm finished; I'm just clean out of time.
So I guess I'll be done
But writing songs is so much fun!
If you'll excuse me, though, I need a life!

I feel fantastic but I need a life.

I'm doing science, so I need a life.

I'm really nerdy and I need a life.

I'm writing songs, so I need a life.

Need a life!

Need a life'

The author's comments:
This is actually a song to the tune of Portal's "Still Alive".

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