Gang Violence

February 19, 2009
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I'll only spin this once so let me take it slow
There's a problem going down on east side you know
There be brothers hating brothers it's too big to ignore
The problem's spreading fast from shore to shore

It starts in the hood a man claims for his own
Spreads its way on from home to home
It's something you can feel down deep in your bone
One man gets shot another takes up the throne

A little boy with a chance steps out on the street
He can sing like no other he can throw down a beat
He could go so far, get himself off the street
If he can only stay strong and just keep on his feet

He starts hitting big everyone knows his name
Working his way to the top he learns how to play the game
But someone cuts it short, heart filled with hate
This senseless act of violence was a cruel twist of fate

So much was lost, everyone cried
No one could believe that the legend had died
The were hating for so long it took something drastic
To bring them back together, make their hearts elastic

The boys stopped their fighting, they settled the difference
They joined back together and stopped all the violence

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