Spreading Your Own Wings

February 19, 2009
As you grow older you start to spread away from mom, who was once known as your best friend.
You're making your own decisions.
She doesn't understand.
She calls them mistakes.
It's like she's forgotten she's had to go through the same.
You have your days as where she's already had hers.
You strive for attention and die when she treats you like a child.
There's such thing as growing up to fast, but you're only on mild.
That little girl who smiled when she took her first steps is now sprinting with experience.
This is all Mom's fault, she's out her heart on lock down just like a vault.
You need attention, but she's got to understand that peer pressure is only a factor.
Your responsible for yourself wether you have to wait and realize it when it's all ib your own shoulders or not.
You'll act like a child as though you're not going to get caught.
You notice you're not just spreading away from Mom, but spreading your own wings.

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