I Love You

February 19, 2009
By Lauren Hoover BRONZE, Eagle, Nebraska
Lauren Hoover BRONZE, Eagle, Nebraska
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So much depends on,
that sparkling ring given to me
on that very special day.
Saying those deep words, 'I Do'
taken from my darkest corners.
I Love You

Life is better with a companion,
to love and hold tight.
Wishing to spend the rest of my life with the one I love,
and waiting for my dreams of you,
to turn into something that will last a lifetime.
I Love You

Intoxicated by your sweet smell,
swirling all around me.
Taste of your precious kiss,
making my passion unfold.
I don't know how you do
What you do.
I Love You

Soft like a whisper,
your voice calls my name,
speaking, 'You are my everything in this world.'
I hear your beat,
beating from fast to slow.
My body trembles at the sight of you.
I Love You

Your love reaches out for me,
and pulls me in.
I can't resist being next to you.
Speaking in the voice
you have never heard.
I've waited so long to say
this to you,
I Love You'

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