February 18, 2009
By Marly SILVER, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Marly SILVER, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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Go ahead and smile,
Put on the mask and pretends nothing's wrong.
The smile is just hiding it all,
All that's chewing her up inside.

So she paints on the smile,
Wide and happy and fake as a clown's.
She puts it out there for the world to see,
While inside she feels the opposite of what she's showing them all.

Life's so hard,
Almost too hard to smile.
It's been so long since she's really grinned,
A true one that actually makes her feel happy.

She ties the strings to the corners of her lips,
Wraps them around her ears.
She pulls hard,
So she can keep smiling for the world.

Smile like nothing's wrong,
Don't let the pain show through.
Let no one know you're hurting,
Just smile so the world doesn't know.

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