February 18, 2009
By cameronj BRONZE, Southern Shores, North Carolina
cameronj BRONZE, Southern Shores, North Carolina
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Life is like a clock.
You can waste away the tiny seconds, or you can make them count. Making every moment count, and each breath worth it. When time seems to stop you need to take a look around and think about how lucky you are. Then you should take a look in the mirror and examine how unique you are, and that you are special in every single way. You should also take pride in everything you do, be strong and help others who need you, and when you need them hopefully they will be there for you. They will be the people you take on this count-down called life who will tell you what they really think, and will pick you up when you have fallen. Then when the clock strikes twelve and your time is up, then hopefully you can look back and know you lived a full and happy life.

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