This night will end

February 18, 2009
By KaylaRock BRONZE, Fairmont, West Virginia
KaylaRock BRONZE, Fairmont, West Virginia
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' this night is endless' this pain is boundless' creeping up at in inopportune times'my mind' exhausted'. My body'. Worn out' these two eyes' bloodshot and weary'the heart' broken' shattered into incomprehensible pieces' if you didn't love me'then why say that you did?' if you didn't want me' then why act as though you did?' you said forever' but I guess forever is nonexistent' if you wanted to see me cry'. All you had to do was ask'. If you wanted me gone' you should have never held me close'. You should have never given me hope for tomorrow'.you should have never let me believe you as I did' I loved you' but you didn't me' I held onto promises' while you just played off weaknesses' you made me laugh' but it was all a part of your ploy' you pretended like you cared' but that ,alas, was a farce in it's own' why did you bother'. When you had only ill intentions from the start?'. Why kill someone'. From the inside out? ' why rip their heart and sanity from them'. When all along you weren't in it at all?' why drive an innocent bystander insane' when you're really the unwell one?' why throw away the love of a good women' for a whore that'll only pick you apart' before sending you on your way again.?' why leave me' to rot in this personalized hell' with not so much as an answer to why I'm even here?' was I not good enough for you?' or was I just not gorgeous enough to hold your attention?'did I say the wrong thing?' or was it all the right things that scared you away?' whatever the reason' I know it to be unjust' I loved you more than you know' but I will recover' I've seen worse days than these' and I have shed more tears than this for less worthy than you' this night will come to an end'. This pain will subside' the tears will dry' my heart will regain composure'. I will find my forever'. And you just lost your's' I could've been the best anything for you' but you gave that up' and it doesn't matter' anymore'I don't need you' anymore' I don't want you'anymore'and this night is ending' with no more tears' and no more sorrow' my mind is shutting down' and' zzzzzzzz' the end'.

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