What Would You Do?

February 18, 2009
If today was your final day,
The final moment to wrap things up,
The end of the road for a tired soul,
What would You do?

Would You cry and sit alone in your room?
Shut the door,
Never come out,
Feel your heart shatter into pieces with every teardrop,
And lie back on the bed to greet Death?

Would You do want you've always wanted to do?
Sing wildly in a karaoke bar,
Parachute from a flying airplane,
Go rock-climbing,
And spend cash on last minute temptations?

Would You just hang out with friends?
Go to the nearest club,
Dance your heart out,
Laugh and have a good time,
Kiss that one person you've had an eye on?

Would You hunt down old enemies?
Get everything off your plate
Mend and fix,
To the best of your abilities,
Tempered feelings and frayed emotions?

If today was your final day,
The day where Death comes to you,
Bearing that iconic scythe,
What would You do?

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highwayman said...
Apr. 28, 2010 at 8:17 am

I like this one to. It makes you think. I think id do the 4th stanza.

What would you do? 

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