Exhaust Pipes

February 18, 2009
By mads04 SILVER, Frederick, Maryland
mads04 SILVER, Frederick, Maryland
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Screaming unrelenting unrepressed emotion
Amid my depression and obsession
Is a wild blazing sunset
Here lies beside me my trouble and fear
Here on my arms lies pain
Marked with brutal scabs
My reality
Every cut brings tears
Every tear brings bliss
Because in some insane way
It told me I was alive

Screaming unrelenting unrepressed emotion
Pain was the same as pleasure
Light was the same as dark
Hair down and hoodie on
I danced with a devil
My own mind
Here I cut deeper into old habits
And drowned out sound
Did you sense my discomfort
With living

The author's comments:
My battle with depression and poor self-esteem has been greatly helped with prescribed medicine and cognitive behavioral therapy. If you suffer from depression, anxiety, etc, don't be afraid to ask for help. It is not weak of you but inversely it is strong.

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