Honeyed Kisses

February 18, 2009
By NineteenxStars SILVER, Waite Park, Minnesota
NineteenxStars SILVER, Waite Park, Minnesota
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Oh how I yearn
For one second of
Sweet nothingness
Only your arms
Enveloping me
Strong, unyielding
Absorbing every ache
Every pain of my heart

Oh how I Ache
To see the eyes
That captured my heart
So long ago
Burning for me
Bright, craving
Inciting ever passion
Every desire of my blood

Oh how I hunger
How I thirst
For your time
For any time
With you alone
With me
Yearning, aching

Together we will
Yearn, Ache
Hunger, thirst
To give ourselves
Over to the sweet
Oblivion that is
Honeyed kisses

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