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February 18, 2009
By oliviaiscool SILVER, Brunswick, Georgia
oliviaiscool SILVER, Brunswick, Georgia
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"picture yourself on a boat in a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies..." (;

When it rains, it shines on me. This power and ability. I hold it in my hands and roll it around. I try to absorb it's limited power. So then I think of recent events, and put characters in people's places. Then I go deep into my mind and pull out a plot, and write. With this power I can transform recent events. Even if I change what really happens its okay because I have my power. And when I write in the rain anything is possible, I can capture moments and make then the way I want, or maybe if things didn't go the way I want, with my paper, pen and power I can change them. To most people this power is a gift. Sometimes if it rains I put the power in my pocket, for when the sun shines, then I can pull out the power and use it. But often this power goes away. And I want this power to help me with my goals, with my writing and with my dreams. One day it rained so hard and I took my power and put it In a box, so I can have it all the time. But one time I looked in the box and the power was gone. So I searched for the power every where, all night all day. I figured it was lost. So I looked one last time, and no luck. It hadn't rained for quite sometime, so I wondered if it was a sign. And it was.I looked to my inspiration; life, and found my power. It stayed with my inspiration, so when I needed it, it was there. My inspiration would never go away, even though it might change. And it just so happened that when it rained it made me think of my inspiration, life, and that's why my power came'

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