February 18, 2009
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A bottle in my hand,
The wheel in my other,
I'm going too fast,
Yet I drive on,
Because I'll never get caught.

Green, yellow, red,
Lights swim before my eyes,
Yet I drive on,
Because I'll never crash.

People are yelling,
Police sirens are screaming,
Yet I drive on,
Because I'll never'

Glass shatters,
I hit the window with a smack,
Blood splatters everywhere,
My blood.

Tears pour down my face,
I want to die,
It hurts too much.

Hands lift me,
High off the ground,
And place me on a stretcher,
It hurts too move.

She's not going to make it.

As I take my last breath,
I know,
I'm not so untouchable,
And never will be.

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