To Love a Monster

February 18, 2009
By Anonymous

To Love a Monster
You never realized the hurt you put me through.
Blind to my hurt as if you were a blind man,
you turn your back on me and the love we had.
Without realizing it,
you turned cold and full of hate.
Never did you realize me standing beside you.
As the destruction of your own creation grew,
my heart began to grow cold.
Standing beside you was a poison most deadly.
A poison that had no cure.
No longer were you the man I had loved,
but a man cold and full of hate.
The rage that lurked deep inside your heart began to show,
and with that rage came a hate like no other.

Our life together fell down around me,
but you're anger wasn't the cause.
Never was I the target of your rage,
but the target of your frozen heart.
If your anger was the cause it wouldn't have hurt to leave you and our life behind.
I grew tired of having to defend our love against the greatest foe,
You forgot about our love and how strong it had been,
for your hatred.
No longer could i be second to hat,
the pain became too much.
Second only to hate,
hurt more than leaving you.
I could no longer stand beside you,
watching you destroy the world around us.

I never understood what it meant to have a monster,
now I do.
To love a monster means to lose yourself and lose them to the one person you can't bring yourself to hurt,
To love a monster means to lose them to the darkness inside their hearts,
to lose them to the demon inside their soul.
To love a monster is to hurt,
and hurt more when you find the strength to leave their side for good.
Loving you left me with a bleeding cut
I fear will never heal.

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