February 18, 2009
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Dfcs came and took me away
From Bethune middle school on a hot sunny day
With my hair sticking up like I came through a storm
I came out the school in my ugly uniform
He drove on Highway 285
We cruzed on the road as the cars passed us by
I laid my head down on the glass window
I caressed my fingers through my thick black fro
We drove in the driveway of a big white building
Two white vans and a thin line trimming
We stepped out the car and made it to the front door
I heard a kid say what you do that for?
A lady voice said 'just give me a minute'
She said she had to take all the dishes to the kitchen
We came inside and we had to take a seat
I looked at the people as they looked at me
They looked like they want to knock my head to the wall
They looked like they want to cut my whole head off
I turned my head back started looking at the floor
The young lady said 'baby what you here for'
The big police officer looked at me
My stomach hurt badly, and I thought I had to pee
I told the lady that my momma beat me real bad
She made me scrub the floor while she beat me on my back
She wrote on the clipboard everything I said
She took me to the bathroom and made me undress
I put my cloth on and I looked at the sun
And then I knew this journey had only just begun.

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