When I Look At You, I See:

February 17, 2009
By UndercoverPoet SILVER, Weston, Florida
UndercoverPoet SILVER, Weston, Florida
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When I look at you, I see
String bracelets
A token of friendships passed
Tattered, Frayed, Dirty

When I look at you, I see
Your new mascara
And frosted eyelashes made of silk

When I look at you, I see
Your flat stomach
Tan, smooth, desired

When I look at you, I see
A soft cotton shirt, embossed with a logo
Creamy, thin, expensive

But behind the bracelet,
I see skin that has worn through the years
Showing strength and endurance

Behind the makeup,
I see eyes pooled with tears of desperation
And fear

Behind the stomach,
A hunger lies, a craving for acceptance
An appetite for nothing else

Behind the shirt,
I see hunched shoulders, a shield
A barrier against the cruel reality of life

When I look at you, I see the epitome of lonely.

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