Of The Essence

February 17, 2009
By pezza BRONZE, Winfield, Illinois
pezza BRONZE, Winfield, Illinois
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Forgotten, is what you thought you were
Betrayed, is what you didn't want to be
Sorrow, is what you didn't want to feel
Fear, is controlling your every move

Lost, my love where have you gone?
Hate, has devoured your every move
Don't, let the beautiful run away
Stay, with me and I'll show everything

Listen, I'm screaming out your name
Girl, let's pick up the pieces of yesterday
Take it, rise up and take the crown with me
Breathe, easy now no need for fear, not with me

Immaculate, is what I can turn you into
Hope, that this moment will last forever little one
Allure, attraction at its very best
Serenity, we will be together floating

Sincere, I speak with the cleanest heart
Follow, me into the dark and cold fields
Horizon, we'll lift each other us to see the bliss
Sunrise, is what I see in your brown eyes
Home, is how I feel when I'm with you
Run, away to a far place where the divine thrive

Angels, they cry when our stars collide
Pray, that you will never be forgotten again
Know, that I am here for you forever
Always, will I stay here with you

Essence, together we are the perfect form
Tears, they fall from your face with no sorrow
Smiles, you show them more often now
Love, will always be here waiting for you

Laughter, it's a beautiful thing coming from you
Time, each second and minute is God sent
Build, let us finish what we've started
Now, it's our turn to start a rise

Everything, is what you are to me
Thoughts, you know these are not our last
Thank him, he has given you something
This, is never worth giving up for anything

This is ours

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