Concrete Picnic

February 17, 2009
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Concrete picnic,
Four girls on sand,
Greenery pulled up,
They started a band.

One member looked out the window,
Watched them eat.
She stood against the pane,
Drumming her fingers to the beat.

They tended to a guest,
Who invited herself in,
The window-girl and the unwelcome fought
And the stranger was the one to win.

Isn't that how life is?
Unfair, unhappy, uninvited.
Concrete Picnic on the pavement,
The rest weren't too excited.

They ditched their spot and left the other,
She spread parking lot gossip,
No one really understood,
But the messed up album they'd rather skip.

So the moral of the story,
Though sad and rather boring,
Life's a hag,
Consequence is a drag.

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