Like Her

February 17, 2009
By Suprstar92 GOLD, Helena, Alabama
Suprstar92 GOLD, Helena, Alabama
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Like her

Kizzy knows she'll never be
Like girls she sees on the TV
The ones who have the pretty clothes
And beauty spots everyone knows
The girls at school dress up like them
But Kizzy's a transparent gem
People don't see her goodness outside
Its what she keeps in that's worth the ride
Her beauties within her heart and soul
You have to look twice to really know
Cause Kizzy's not like the people you see
Other girls always wanting to be

She has to work hard to keep herself
Away from the worlds hungry wealth
She's not your typical beauty queen
She knows what she wants at seventeen
She sings in the shower and loves to wear
Daisies in her long brown hair
She works hard to keep her grades
And never let's her smiles fade
She wants to break free of this small town
Run with the wind never look down
She knows what she wants to become
Dances to the beat of a different drum

A lily in a land of roses
Full of big heads and stuck up noses
She can't conform to what they want
Shed rather be different and hear them taunt
They can't stand in the way of her dreams
Because she knows someday it seems
They will want to be like her
And then to them it will occur
That she was beautiful and bright
Because she stood for what was right
Then maybe they will understand
That being different is in their hands

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