February 17, 2009
By Suprstar92 GOLD, Helena, Alabama
Suprstar92 GOLD, Helena, Alabama
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There's a place that you go
When times get rough
Within your soul
When things are tough

You pull out pictures
that happened before
Admire the jewels
You don't have anymore

The first time you learned
to ride a bike
the kid that you chased
you thought you'd like

Riding the bus
when you thought it was cool
The first time you ever
went to school

The Spiderman lunch box
you held so tight
Jumps on the bed
after good pillow fights

Playing with mud pies
till they were hard

Counting the stars
on the grass in the yard

The melting ice cream
in that summer breeze
Red rover, red rover
With scrapes on your knees

Your very first love
you thought you'd had
Your first real car
that you wrecked really bad

And when you fall back
to the life you have now
You realize that
you feel better somehow

When you keep memories
locked up inside
You have something when
life gets hard to ride

These are the things that
you should remember
The roses you need
in the depths of December

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