The Untold Story Of A Changed Black Man

February 17, 2009
By demetrie johnson BRONZE, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
demetrie johnson BRONZE, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
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As I sit in my room I lay back and look at the ceiling, suddenly a constant whispering is humming in my ear, it seems as if it's all the people I ever hurt rapidity asking me the same questions "why you cheat on me, why you lie to me, why couldn't you love me," I try to reply but the faster I answer the faster the questions came, I try to run away but there's no use the voices stay with me every where I go and they just get louder and louder and louder, and then I saw her and the voices stop and it was as if god himself planted her there for me and for me alone suddenly the voices came back and said all at once "She's your second chance." Now the question I have for you, are you the one for me or are you the female version of a past me? "THE STORY OF A CHANGED MAN"

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