February 17, 2009
I'm stuck
there's no door
their telling me things
things I've done wrong
They won't let me out
I'm trapped
I start to realize
all I've done wrong
and it piles over me
like water coming in
and I'm trapped
there is no way
to escape the wrongs I've done
So I look forwards as it piles
and I see it
the one hope that I have
it's a light
a way out
a way to a better future
I run
my lungs burn as I try to beat
beat the wrong I've done
I make it out
and then slams the door shut
so that it won't follow me
I look and it's better already
I feel light
to run as I please or to laugh
I'm not trapped

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Joeyann said...
Mar. 15, 2009 at 11:25 pm
Very Nice - Lots of good descriptive words - You feel like you are trapped and there is no way out. Keep Writing - you do very well
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