left for dead

February 17, 2009
Is this what you really wanted?
To leave me on the floor
Wounded from an injury
That would let the blood really pour.
The injury was severe
It was a stab right through the heart
It was basically the story
Of how me and you feel apart
It started with you telling me
Of how much you love me so
And how we were perfect for each other
And no one would ever know
You always took my breathe away
With everything you said
But I never imagined you'd use it against me
To leave me just for dead
Bad enough you took my heart
And convinced me you'd keep it safe
All you did was destroy it
And make me loose my faith
You took your sharpest knife
And got me from the back
Leaving me on the floor bleeding
With a heart that I know lack
I hit the floor within seconds
Faster than you could know
Faster than I could tell you
Faster than I could show

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