Time Travel

February 17, 2009
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I am just a kid,
As boring as can be.
I never have anything fun to do,
Nothing left I could possibly see!
The teachers always say,
You need to find a hobby,
But what could I possibly do when all the space I have is in my apartment lobby!
So I try and take their challenge,
And decide to try and see what life would be if I were seventeen,
I figured to do this I must build myself a time machine,
Compared to all the time I used to have,
Building this is very time consuming,
But I must keep at it if I want to get it zooming.
I borrow all the parts from our neighbor across the hall,
He is very supportive of my project, which he thinks is very small.
I finally get to the fun stuff,
This involves me to paint.
But all the fumes are really getting to me,
I think I just might faint!
The time machine is finally done,
A week or so later,
I feel I've worked as hard as a restaurant waiter!
I'm finally going into the future,
To see, what I can see.
It's going to be exciting,
I get to see what I'm going to be.
I'm entering the time machine,
It's silver and it's gold.
I wasn't feeling scared,
I was actually very bold.
I pressed some of the buttons,
The time machine was going pretty fast.
'CRASH'.' What was that?
'Oh, no!' I landed in the past!

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