in a nut shell

February 17, 2009
In a nut shell
Who I am is something that will always
Be questioned and rarely understood.
Spending most of my time
Being as random and crazy as humanly possible is something
I try so very hard to do.
Entertaining the world around me
While hiding all the bad things in my life.

Standing up and trying to be the girl that gets noticed.
Going against the crowd
Trying to be different
In a world of clones and wannabes
Spending days trying to think of new ways to dress
Without looking like the girl next to me.

I'm the one that will always love color guard
Doing whatever seems to make others smile
Always being silly and goofy without reason
Saying things like'hey girl hey' just because I can
The one that will smile on the floor and field
But cry as soon as it's over
I'm a 16 year old curly haired dancer
Trying to find TT in a world of Tatiana

Speaking my mind
Even if it's not what people want to hear
Sometimes saying things that seem pointless
To normal people
But seem to still get you to listen
Trying to do the right thing
Standing up for what I believe
In a world full of wrong

Being the girl that will yell out 'FRICK!'
In times of frustration
Knowing that 'sprakin' is a word
Learning a new vocabulary everyday
Being hyper and upbeat at a moment's notice
Seeing that there will always be a family outside my house
Finding myself krumping at a moment's notice on the floor of the gym
In front of my entire student body

I'm not the girl next door
I'm the girl down the street across the way
Trying to find my prince charming
In a world full of rejects
Without losing myself in the process
While being the golden child my parents see me as
Aiming to be the person I want

Born with a heart made of solid love
I'm the girl always waiting with open arms.
With a past but a smile on my face
Attempting to be the one that'll never give up
Learning to be better in a life of confusion and mess ups
I'm the girl that will always fight for myself

I'm the one who will laugh at anything I think is funny
Even if its seems meaningless to the people around me
Ill be the one waiting on that special person
That'll stand in the rain with me
With his arms around me while I cry
Trying to protect me from the things I'm scared of
Being the one that's will always fall in love
The one who will see me
As I am without all the he said she said

I'm the women that has grown up to change the world
Being what my family wanted me to become
That can say 'I've done that' with a smile
The one doing what's right
Learning to polish the diamond in the rough
Becoming the better person

This is who I am and will always be
Even when the world around me seems to crash
I'll always be fighting for my dreams and goals
Not ever worrying about what others think
This is something I've spent hours conquering
This is me
In a nut shell

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