February 17, 2009
By Zach Griffith BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Zach Griffith BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Pacing and talking

Sitting and waiting

Nothing is worst than the unknown

Not knowing when the doctor is going to come out, is he going to have good news or the dreadful bad?

Waiting any where else would be fine, but not at the hospital

Three hours and counting I have been sitting here, here in this not so comfortable, blue, plastic, scratchy chair, in one of the smallest waiting rooms EVER!

Down the corridor and to the left my dad is laying, being operated on

He has cancer

The day he told me, is the day that I started to have hope, I looked at things a different way, I am now a different person

Everyone has noticed

I don't want to think about life without dad

He has been there everyday

He has never missed a game

He is always there, cheering me on.

Mom isn't doing so well

Today is there 19th Wedding Anniversary

This isn't the most romantic place ever

The whole family is here

But it doesn't feel right with out dad
He always brings the life to the LAME parties

He tells jokes


Better than others

But everyone laughs

I keep thinking about the good times, there will be many more, because he is going to be okay, I know that he is strong, he will fight it with everything he can, nothing can stop him

I am 16 and this wasn't in my life plans

My dad is only 39 and I am definitely sure that this wasn't in his

He doesn't deserve this, he never smoked, never went to the bar

He was the epitome of a family man

But he goes out once a week with his childhood friends

'Guys Night' they call it

There's nothing wrong with that

As the final hours of the surgery come closer

Everyone is getting more and more tense

Since I am more hopeful

Everything is going to be all right

And I know that!

When the doctor comes out

Everyone gets up

The doctor said that dad is doing much better

He is going to be okay

I am pretty sure the cries and screams could be heard for miles around


The author's comments:
This piece really means a lot to me because, i know several people that have/had cancer, and i want people to have hope, things can get better. ALWAYS STAY POSITIVE!

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