In the sky

February 17, 2009
By Anonymous

There are days when the sky is clear,

But that day is not here.
The sky in not clear, but the sky is near.
I walk around as if in a daze but the sky around me,
Seems to still come nearer, the sky around me is filled with tears,
That seems to fall from all around,
The sky around me is filled with
Laughter, but when in that sky it seems to be near,
When that laughter is not as close as it appears
Always around, I seem to be chilled
But then that could just be me
But then again there are times
When that sky around me seems
To be a little bit more
Then the chill around me it feels as though
It creeps under your cloths to nestle
In your soul that sky around me

That is not so clear but very,
Very near is the clouds way up in the sky,
That seems to fall down just to say high.
But when that sky seems not to clear then there is,
Fear within the sky around me, cause when that sky does not clear I fear that when the next sun comes
The sky will still be there, then if the sky is still around
Me, I wonder if their will ever be a clear morning sky again, though I tell myself not to worry there is still that thread of fear, That thread of fear will spread even though I tell it not to, but when I look up and my soul tells me that the sky is not so near, I lie to myself and think no the sky is still near, but when that sky actually clears, I think it is another clear day and then I wonder when the next near sky will be there to give that feeling of company I felt that one day before that felt so long ago, but even though my soul whispers it is near I don't believe it and lie to myself, but when that not so clear sky that is so very near I think to myself with my little smile the sky is coming back to stay for awhile.

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