I Am...

February 17, 2009
By Chrisina BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
Chrisina BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
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I Am'
I am Funny but yet broken.
I wonder what life would be like without you.
I hear the silence in your voice.
I see nothing around me.
I want peace between us.
I am funny but yet broken.
I pretend to be happy when I'm not.
I feel weird when your not around.
I touch the warmth when your by my side.
I worry when your gone,
If your ok?
I cry when we get into fights.
I am funny but yet broken.
I understand you have to leave me behind.
I say you should stay.
I dream that your gone all the time.
I try to make things right.
I hope you stay by my side till the end of time.
I am funny but yet broken.
I ignore the mistakes we have done.
I picture the future that is coming undone.
I imagine that you see me accomplish my goals,
But your not here.
I am funny but yet broken.

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