February 17, 2009
By Justin Schrager BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Justin Schrager BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Los Angeles knows this man because he's their basketball hero
6 ft 6 in so tall like a mall that it hurts when he falls
Such a beast he feasts off of other player's weaknesses
So good he should slow down in give other players a chance
Because if he doesn't it's just not fair
He's so strong even Iron Man is afraid of him
And wants he gets going he doesn't stop
The only time he stops is when the buzzer sounds
When the buzzer sounds he's no playing basketball anymore
He's on the streets and on the streets he's a beast
He doesn't back down he just backs up
And when he backs up on you your going to back down
He's a shooter he's a driver he's a defender and highflying gangster
His jumper so buttery his drives so ridicules he's untouchable
He started for the 2008 USA team in the Olympics
And yes they did win no one could touch them
Came right out of high school and went straight to the NBA
As a rookie he played in the all-star game
But he didn't play like a rookie he played like the man he was
When he dresses up in his uniform he knows it's not about the name on the back
But the name on the front and for this his teammates respect him as their leader
His name I can't tell you' wait a minute yeah I can but I'm not going to yet
He wins dunk contest 3-point contest and best of all championships
So good he has shoes named after him
These shoes are very popular a know a lot of kids that have them
He doesn't just jump over players he jumps over cars
His name is' Kobe
Kobe Bryant and he is the best
Kobe and he doesn't eat hoagie's
His best friend is Shanoblie
When he dresses in his yellow no one messes with him
He makes the crowd go wild
Keeps them on the edge of their seat
And when he playing you know the money you spent for the ticket was worth it
His determination aggravation and shear hustle is why he's the best player in the world
He's Kobe baby

The author's comments:
Kobe is the best basketball player alive.

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