February 17, 2009
By bella_928 BRONZE, Moorcroft, Wyoming
bella_928 BRONZE, Moorcroft, Wyoming
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I built my barriers, high and strong.
Then I let everything go wrong.

You helped me see you're not like them,
And now it's happening once again.

You promised you'd never let me fall,
As I sit atop this crumbling wall.

You hold me tightly to your chest
And as I hear your every breath

I'm falling quickly now; I'm scared.
For my heart was unprepared.

I wasn't ready to jump so fast,
And now I know, I can't go back.

My heart was scattered everywhere,
And yet you never seemed to care.

All the pieces, broke and bruised,
And you still want me; torn up, confused.

You just helped me bit by bit,
Putting the pieces wherever they fit.

You got me to let down my guard
And I let you see inside my heart.

What you see there, I don't know,
But if I were you, I'd let me go.

But it didn't take you long at all
To break through my guarded wall.

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