The truth of love

February 17, 2009
By Anonymous

no heart lears to beat.
no person learn to love.
every beat that is felt.
every heart that has ever throbbed
has felt love.
is it the heart that brings out our desires?
after all you can hide your thoughts,fears,and you can pretend not to be.
yet your beat always gives you away.

love can't be described
it's tales, never told.
our hearts only desire one thing:
to love, and be loved.

love may be hidden.
it may or may not show.
but it is always there.
love is what binds this world.

love is happiness.
love is pain.
love is hope.
the happiness is the greatest.
the pain is alyaws hard.
and to some the hope is they never have to feel that happiness again because if they don't feel happy they can't feel the pain. and to others the hope is that the love comes back.

love seems to hold this world together.
waht would the world be like without it?
yet what can the world do with it?
our hearts yearn for it.
our minds try to block it off.
nathing can beat love.
nothing can overpower it.
nothing can destroy it,
nothing but love itself.

have you ever felt love?
has anyone ever really felt love? i mean besides the prince and princesses in the fairy tales?
does anyone know if romeo and juilette really loved each other or was that just a lie too?
everyone seems to think they know what love is but does anyone really?

and why does a heart have to represent love?
why can't a circle?
because when you think about it everyone says their heart was broken. but have you ever herd anyone say their circle was broken? i know i haven't.

The author's comments:
what inspired me to write this poem was that my friend and her boyfriend had broken up for like the 10th time and she kept saying she loved him so much and i asked her why she loved him even though he cheated on her and she said i guess because we have been together for a while now and i trust him. i couldn't believe that even after what he did to her she loved and trusted him.

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