February 16, 2009
By Anonymous

Your future has me tangled
Keeping me up and racking my brain
My guidance is minimal and I have
Purely my own instinct to follow
You came into my world
Shattering all I've known and the
comfort of conformity
We took eye-openers and inhaled
Reality through vivid screens
Our thoughts exhaled turning to
Smoke and clouding our eyes
Our world pulsed with each breathe
And movement, living our lives to
The out-of-body rhythm
Wasteland finds a way of stealing everything
A greater understanding comes from
Beyond, no escaping the providence
That knows all
So with the remaining seconds of a
Routine life quickly passing through
An hourglass
The future is a looming mobile
Over our quilted smiles
And wherever your sand may blow
I will follow in the waves of
The dark wind

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