Midnight Prince

February 16, 2009
By Elizabeth Witcher GOLD, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Witcher GOLD, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
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Midnight prince
Dark silhouette etched in moon's light
Her sister, Earth
Is your home
Yet why, my prince
Do you reach towards the heavens?
Your long gnarled fingers grasping
Reaching out into the breeze

Moon, your aunt, is watching
Mother Earth has tried to tame you
With seasons falling
Seasons changing
Yet still you reach

Your cousins, the stars
Twinkle in the heavens
They fly free
Ever moving in the cosmos
And you are rooted to this earth

Oh, midnight prince
I beg you not to stand so forlorn
With each and every inch you reach
Every foot seems to ache with longing
Especially in the autumn twilight

You mother, Earth is tired
Your persistent stretching
Your ever constant strain wounding her
The exhausted ground is cracked
And the sky too tired to weep
Be patient my prince
Soon you will have your kingdom

In the brisk autumn night
A wind picks up
Your long naked arms sway
Creaking in every gust
Waving brittle in the breeze
Please, my prince, please last until daybreak
The light might ease your pain in the morning

Sun, the omnipresent guardian
She stands watch
Under her vision things aren't as bad
A false security secretes
Everywhere, elements are tamed
So be patient my prince
Night is not for ever

But in the morning you are not regal
In the light you are a skeleton
The ruins of a once verdant landscape
The lonely watchman of the deserted path
Leave the mighty conifer for the autumn scrutiny
Leave the willow for the pond
Leave the cattail for the marshes
Leave the maples for the forests

You are the midnight prince
Guardian of the dark road
Twilit autumn paths are your kingdom
Your barren branches crying
Reaching toward the sky
Don't leave my prince
Midnight is your hour
You have found your kingdom

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