I've seen you once before

February 16, 2009
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I've seen you once before
Outside the grocery store
We stood there for a while smiling a friendly smile,
Knowing it all the while

I've seen you once again
You're one of my best friends
We sit together laughing
Like time will never end

There you are again
We're more than just old friends
We've known it always inside
But we're afraid to reply

I see you over there
Trying not to stare
'Is this too white?' I said
'No, it's perfect,' you replied

You're not alone this time
Holding yours and holding mine
You whisper in her little ear
Now knowing I am watching near

I see you one last time
I hold your body close to mine
'Don't cry'
I try
A tear falls from my eye
'I've loved you all the time'

''I've seen you once before''

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