What now?

February 16, 2009
By Anonymous

i have all i wanted
ive got all i need
i have the fairy tale life
with husband and kids

i have good friends
and a family that loves me
but what more to live for when you have all you want

nothing to aspire
nothing to look forward too
day after day same routine

diapers and kids
working all day with nothing to come home to

living on the edge ready to burst
nobody understands you
you think nobody cares

not knowing what to do
with the happiness your given
not seeing the good in life
but only the bad

leading you to take your life
because theres no way out
finally bursting
and letting yourself go

you hurt all the people
that loved you with everything
your kids will never know you
and neither will i

but what you never knew
you never will
because im in the same place you are

not caring or understanding
just living each day
untill one day i burst
what now?

The author's comments:
I wrote this in a very emotional state of mind. It was written a while after my aunts death as a way of expressing myself.. i hope you like it.

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