February 16, 2009
By Kristabel=] BRONZE, Miami BEach, Florida
Kristabel=] BRONZE, Miami BEach, Florida
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You stand there with you arms poened wide
Looking fiece but yet gentle entwined togeather hiding...
Hiding behing a thick coat of love

At time you remind me of a raging red
But also pssionate red

Though your gentle hands have a strike of a cobra
It can gently caress my hair lovingly

I know you love me as deep as the ocean
(probably deeper)

I love you too
It stonge enough to hold me still as i hug you
And big enough to make me feel like a new born baby
If i had a word to descibe my love for you it would me supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Every time i look up at the moon I always see you there
Even on my lonliest nights
As i see a shooting star i make a wish
I wish that you could hold me until after forever

Te Amo!

Red is for rage
Red is for Passion
Red is for love
Red is for you.

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