February 16, 2009
By Kelsey Pilcher SILVER, Woodstock, Georgia
Kelsey Pilcher SILVER, Woodstock, Georgia
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There she is
Waking from a deep sleep
Wondering what she missed
Picking up her feet
Opening the door
A mist, a smell of peace arises to her nose
The sound of footsteps echo off the floor
There she goes
Through the grass; a foggy sunrise
Rushing, breaking the ground
A wonderful surprise
Nature's loving animals now surround
The sound of lost dreams echo through trees
Whispering wind brushes through her hair
A chilly September breeze
She is almost there
An empty field
Of mystery and grace
She has knelt
The most beautiful place
The fog arises from the ground
Remnants of a destructed village
Natural beauty once stood around
Victims of a technological pillage
Despite what others may say
A smile stretches across her face
It still withholds a beautiful day
Natural beauty rises victorious and takes devastation's place
It has come down to this
Beauty overcomes damage; nature is bliss

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