The Truth Hurts'

February 16, 2009
By foxydee91 BRONZE, Queens, New York
foxydee91 BRONZE, Queens, New York
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I'm Imprisoned In my own thoughts feeling nothing but worthless! Compelled to destroy what was once good and pure. I'm not concerned about the consequences, so I sell myself short' I'm angry! , hurt! , Ashamed! I gave you me'all of me'the most intimate part of me. You claim you understand my pain, but you never felt my pain! Why do I let myself keep being used? 'realizing I'm developing a pattern, blaming myself for your infidelity'denying the hurt you caused me! I'm tired of trying to fill that hole knowing it can never be filled. I don't want nor need your approval, but unfortunately there's something inside me that craves you' The sad thing is when you wanna come back I open my heart, making the promises you can't keep ,so u run off again! Realizing I'm the one with the problem, I need to fix myself, but I'll never confess'and you'll never own up! Well things will remain the same until I commit to a change'But what do you do when you've already lost hope?

The author's comments:
the way I was feeling in the moment inspired to write this poem

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