What is Anger?

February 16, 2009
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What is anger?
Is it a form of selfishness?
Do or words turn to fire,
Do our hearts to stone
Because we can let them?

What is anger?
Is it a form of strength?
Do our voices turn to hail,
Do our observations become accusations
Because we are better than the rest?

What is anger?
Is it a form of weakness?
Do our souls become fragile,
Do our hearts die from the pain
Because we live in the shadows of the great?

What is anger?
Is it a form of ignorance?
Do our minds block out the obvious,
Do our words have no depth
Because we don't want to understand those around us?

What is anger?
It lives in you,
It lives in me.
It pulls out the evil in our hearts,
It pulls out the darkness in our souls,
Because we let it,
Because we do not care to stop it,
Because we are humans,
And humans are not perfect.

What is anger?
It is selfishness,
It is strength,
It is weakness,
It is ignorance,
It is so much more.

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