Why why?

February 16, 2009
By keenan kennedy SILVER, Brentwood, Tennessee
keenan kennedy SILVER, Brentwood, Tennessee
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You said i love you to me many times then why am i sitting at the dance waiting to dance with u? i dont get it your so kind to your gal pals but not to me? im your girlfriend i cant help it i get dressed up and still you dont care i hang out with other guys but you hit me and say your not wrothy of those guys. you act as if im just a doll with no hair and all alone while u play with the pretty ones that talk and walk i dont speak because i know you will hurt me if i say something wrong so please dont get mad at me when i say goodbye. My eyes hide the truth that i hide i smile you tell me its amazingly cute but i really think your lying i saw at the party getting high and that is why we cannot be im sorry. I thought you were perfect back in freshmen year now i as look deep inside i see the truth that is driving you crazy you say i love you i dont beleive you. you love coke than me please me by giving it up just for me i love to see you smile but as you get high that smile turns to yellow and not the shiny type i saw so long ago. im sorry this is why we cannot be im sorry

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